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Satori- Afrikaburn 2015

Projection Mapping on the Boom Venus, collaboration with Wayne Ellis- Boom 2014

Venus Portal Boom Festival 2014 from Afterlife on Vimeo.

Boom Venus Portals - Boom Festival 2014

Headphone Couches

The Making of the Tree of Wisdom- video by Steven Mcdonald

Tree of Wisdom from Niceonesteve on Vimeo.

Nelson Mandela Tree of Wisdom” 2014

Rainbow Pheonix” at Rainbow Serpent festival 2014

Reflections burn” at Afrikaburn 2014

projection mapping by Afterlife at Afrikaburn

L2H2 Reflections Mapping from Afterlife on Vimeo.

Reflections” at Afrikaburn 2013

Resident Advisor Robots

Baby Soft Activation

BOOM Serpents” at Boom 2012

interview “the making of”

Dragon” at Afrikaburn 2012

Siemens Baobab Tree” at Cop17 2011

The making of the Baobab Tree

Baobab | Making of from Niceonesteve on Vimeo.

The Hand Of God” at Afrikaburn 2011

2Infinity” at Afrikaburn 2009